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In Mandianes Pavimentos, Parquets and Doors you will find the stairs and steps that you were looking for.

The ladder you have in mind and you want to define. We advise, design, manufacture and assemble custom stairs, obtaining design stairs that enhance your home.

Each staircase is the subject of a unique study and in collaboration with the client, both the design and the materials used are studied.

We can start from a wooden staircase and use other materials in it like steel, glass, forge, marble, aluminum, iron, … or use only these giving rise to steel stairs, glass stairs, forging stairs, marble stairs , Aluminum stairs, iron stairs, ….

Any design on stairs that you think, we make the staircase really. Regardless of its shape, whether the stairs are straight, curved stairs or spiral staircases, we will get a staircase that will enhance your home. Design and quality all perfectly combined in your staircase for you.

In addition, maintaining a wooden ladder is not as complicated as they say, to carry out the cleaning of wooden stairs and that the result is optimal, you should use a dry cloth and good cleaning products.

The most recommended option besides being the most used is the use of waxes. Not only does it provide unparalleled cleaning and scent in the wood, it also covers the rungs and rails of any wooden staircase. This ensures greater protection and durability of wood quality.

If as a daily task we take care of the cleaning of wooden stairs, you will achieve that the wood conserves all its natural brightness for much more time.

The daily review of the stairs is a fundamental point in the cleaning of any home. Not only does it provide visibility but, if we do not take the necessary measures for its maintenance, it will be neglected and the accumulation of dirt will produce stains that will then be difficult to remove.

To maintain the quality of the wood, a tip is to place linseed oil. With its application the cleaning will be more pleasant and, only going over the stairs with a dry cloth, will shine immediately. For the possible stains that are installed in the different staircases you can use a damp cloth and soap, with which we will obtain an optimum result at the moment.

The interior staircases give our home its singularity. For this aspect to remain always unalterable, we must take care of them to keep them always clean and impeccable. Being a place of passage, the wooden stairs are usually also a place where the dirt is piled up. For this reason, we recommend that you take care of your cleaning with frequently used quality products.

The advice offered for the cleaning and maintenance of wooden stairs will guarantee not only the correct hygiene of your wooden stairs, but also one of the issues that most concern: its useful life and beauty.

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