Restore Parket in Barcelona

Restaurar Parquet en Barcelona

Restoring the Parquet in Barcelona Over the last few years we have seen how all kinds of new parquet have emerged. Something that has just allowed us to choose from a wide range of different materials that will adapt perfectly to the decoration and situation of each home. In this sense, we will now describe the types of parquet that can be found in Barcelona at really competitive prices.

Restore Parquet in Barcelona according to the type of material

First, we find the natural wooden parquet. This is characterized by being the most massive and can be found in very different measures. Although the most predominant are undoubtedly the 130mm x 22mm. There is also parquet in Barcelona in “strips” format with dimensions of 300mm x 10mm x 30mm that are distributed throughout the floor. To get the best finish, it is usually given a coat of varnish and then finished with a general polish. The only handicap that this type of parquet has, is that they are usually somewhat more expensive than the average and need quite specific care. Next we find laminated or synthetic parquet. Unlike the first, this stands out for its resistance to abrasion, making it one of the cheapest parquets in Barcelona that can be found on the market. Another of its great assets is that its installation is very simple. You just have to do a simple “click” as if it were a puzzle piece.

Restore Parquet in Barcelona according to the type of installation

Now that you know the parquet materials in Barcelona that exist, next we are going to count the different ways that there are when installing it:

  • Floating parquet. As its name indicates, it is usually installed on a surface that “floats” from the original floor. Different layers are applied until a foam blanket is applied to the entire surface. Finally, the upper layers are put on until the desired effect is achieved. It is undoubtedly one of the most common parquet facilities that exists today.
  • Glued parquet. This type of installation is used more with solid materials such as natural wood. First, a toothed wool is applied over the entire surface and then an adhesive is applied in order to gradually apply all the slats. It is usually more laborious so only parquet professionals in Barcelona can carry out this type of installation.

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