Interior wood flooring

Wood flooring for decorating floors with a top-class finish. Its beauty and elegance make every corner shine, making your home a space without equal.

With proven durability and quality, it come in a wide range of designs, making it perfect for any project.


The most common textile flooring is carpeting, a classic in any home that thanks to modern manufacturing has become a comfortable, clean and attractive option.

Polishing and burnishing

Treatments for marble, granite, terraces, etc. using reduction, polishing and burnishing techniques with different abrasives for the different types of flooring material.

Exterior laminate flooring

Exterior laminate flooring, treated and installed for adverse situations, provides comfort and durability, offering nature in your home.


Doors are so much more than just tools. Sometimes they’re the element that ties the whole decor together.

Doors can become the centrepiece of interior decor.

Pieces that define the personal style of every home.

Laminate parquet

Laminated parquet is simple yet modern, providing the comfort of modern living, adding a human touch with fresh and brilliant colours. Its natural look can grab your attention like no other flooring, in the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

This type of flooring is able to withstand all of the knocks and wear it is subjected to. It’s the first flooring that doesn’t require making a choice between beauty and functionality.

Floating parquet

Floating parquet is made with three layers of real wood glued together in a cross-grain pattern. The top layer is made of hardwood while the mid and base layers are made of Finnish pine. The cross-grain gluing method minimises the natural movement of the wood. The joined layers make parquet flooring solid and robust.


PVC flooring is a modern substitute for linoleum. Its installation and characteristics are very similar to linoleum, since vinyl is a very strong and durable material, but it also has excellent fire-retarding properties.

It is also highly resistant to abrasion, and it’s waterproof and easy to clean. PVC flooring is classified into two major groups: Continuous flooring (flexible) and sheet flooring (rigid).

Elevated flooring

Elevated flooring of any kind offers great comfort and versatility for both interiors as well as exteriors.

Exterior facing

We manufacture exterior facing of wood, treated for maximum durability against adverse weather conditions.

Stairs and steps

We manufacture wooden staircases and steps to order, tailored to fit whatever structure you want.

Custom closets

We make custom wooden closets for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, made of the wood and in whatever form our clients request.

Creation and restoration of marquetry

Creation and restoration of the most detailed and refined wooden structures for the most demanding clients.

Custom pergolas

Creation of custom wooden pergolas, made of the wood and in the form the client’s requests.

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