Polishing and burnishing

Mandianes Pavimentos, Parquets y Puertas - Polishing and burnishingPolishing and burnishing

Raising, polishing and polishing are three services that are performed once the parts are finished and the borate has been applied, or when the floor has considerable wear, deterioration or damages by aggressions that do not allow to pass to the crystallization phase traditional.

However good the placement of a tiling, always requires the subsequent intervention of the polishers. This task involves the grouting of cracks or holes that are open. It proceeds to it, passing several diamonds of different quality, from the first ones with coarse grain to the last ones that thin, leaving the pavement ready for the shines.

The crystallized is a process that is used to remove an extreme brightness to the pavements (Marble, Terrazzo and Hydraulic Mosaics).

The elegant finish provides the visual impression that the floor looks like a glass.

It is achieved in a process in which three essential components take part: the stripper, which cleans and gives a gloss base, the sealers, which equal the base of the first and facilitate the task of the third component which is the crystallizer in question that gives the finish.

Maintenance is minimal as the mop, broom or vacuum cleaner is used for the dust and is scrubbed with warm water and a small amount of neutral ph soap.

In addition to these services, we can also dye your pavement, getting you do not have to change it, simply coloring it in the tone you want.

If instead of tinting it, what you want is to recover it, we can restore the soil, this process is composed of an exhaustive recovery of the soil using our machinery and more dedicated professionalism to get repairs cracks or cracks produced in the same as a result of joints of Inadequate sealing or simply as a consequence of deterioration due to its daily use.

The sealing is done by means of a elastic putty with polyurethane base that polymerizes by action of the ambient humidity and thus to make that the ground looks like the first day.

Also, if you prefer, you can visit our exhibition and see what we can do for you. You know that we are at your disposal.

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