Laminate parquet

Laminate Parquet

Laminate parquet consists of several layers, usually derived from wood, the latter layer being a synthetic compound which may vary in composition, but is generally a composite of high pressure melamine resins.

It carries a drawing imitating wood or even other materials. There is a great market for this product, with a great number of styles, formats, colors and textures available, being imitations of practically all the natural woods (Oak, Beech, Cherry, …) as well as of stone or ceramics.

Finishes are also marketed with reliefs, as certain brands offer a rustic finish. The total thickness of the piece is usually between 6 and 12mm.

It imitates wood very well, is relatively simple to install, and has gained popularity in the last 20 years due to the simple maintenance and, above all, its price, much cheaper.

The format is rectangular or square tile with variable dimensions.

Laminate flooring can generally be guaranteed from 5 years to 35 years.

It is recommended for high traffic areas in the home or local, but it is not recommended in humid or drainage areas.

The laminate composition of the product allows it to withstand deformation stresses better, and the synthetic finish is harder than wood (although it depends on the strength of the laminate), so it is more resistant to scratches and heels.

It also reacts better to blemishes, and high-end laminates even to cigarette burns.

They are especially popular in family homes with children or pets.

The best quality laminates are also used in bars and discos for their resistance to abrasion, stains and cigarette burns.

Because the synthetic laminate can have very different properties according to the manufacturer, the floors are classified into five qualities according to EN 13329.1

These categories are the result of a test of abrasion, where a machine submits to the floor a series of rubs with a wheel of sandpaper, until the decorative drawing loses its original appearance.

Depending on the number of turns supported, laminated floors are classified as:

– AC-1 (more than 900 turns)
– AC-2 (more than 1,800 laps)
– AC-3 (more than 2,500 laps)
– AC-4 (more than 4,000 laps)
-AC-5 (more than 6,500 laps)

The commercial categories are usually the last three, and advertisers recommend them according to the following uses:

– AC-3 (normal use, housing)
– AC-4 (high use, commercial premises)
– AC-5 (intensive use, bars, shopping centers)

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