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Depending on the characteristics of the Exterior laminate flooring, this can provide living or practicable spaces both above and below the structure. The work material allows adding design elements such as pergolas, lattices, benches or planters, obtaining harmonic environments made entirely in wood.

The wood used in this type of structures should always be prepared for outdoor exposure. We will differentiate between the wood used to shape the structure and the wood that forms the stage.

The structure is usually made of steel or coniferous wood, previously treated for the exterior, by the use of pillars glued in press with resorcinol adhesives, forming each unit several smaller elements firmly glued.

Each element is pretreated in an autoclave. Once the structure is assembled, it is preferably finished with dye, water-based and open pore, which allows us to obtain the desired color in accordance with the wood of the pallet.

In the last years, synthetic woods have become popular in the market, whose advantages over natural wood make them suitable for the production of external pallets.

As its name indicates, it is composed of solid planks of wood, with lengths of up to 220 cm and widths of up to 25 cm, it is also known as solid or traditional floorboards, where the standard thickness is 15 mm to 22 mm, or even more. The basic difference between the parquet and the stage is the long and wide, the solid platform or solid parquet, is wider and longer.

Its most common installation requires a wooden guide, or track, attached to the hearth by cement or adhesives. On the track, the platform is nailed, it is also common, as the tails and adhesives improve, this material is stuck, in both cases, always tongue and groove.

It installs more cleanly and quickly than a work terrace. At the same time the structural material itself aesthetically finishes the structure without the need for other waterproofing, drainage, structural or aesthetic elements; As may be required on site.

It is a very long-lived material, it is common to find it with more than 100 years. Its maintenance is similar to that of the parquet, in relation to the stabbing and varnishing, at the moment without smell and barely dust, but usually it needs carpentry works in the change of pieces. The ability to cushion the footprints makes it valued among basketball players to avoid damage to the joints.

In relation to styles, because of its price, it is not the most popular of the options, although it is the longest, there is a strong demand, due to the rehabilitation of the city centers.

In Spain, melix or melis pine was very popular due to its anticarcoma characteristics, in addition to its beautiful vein, currently due to its price, is replaced by new pine melis, similar, but much cheaper.

As for the maintenance, when the wooden floors deteriorate they can be stabbed. This process consists of a physical abrasion of the wood by which the upper portion of the pavement is removed until the varnishes, stains and scrapes present on the pavement are removed. Once the appearance of the wood has been homogenized, some protective material, usually varnishes, is applied.

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