Elevated flooring

Mandianes Pavimentos, Parquets i Puertas Barcelona - Elevated flooringThe elevated flooring consist of ceramic tiles of traditional thickness, which are supported on supports adjustable in height and that achieve an optimum leveling, by a simple installation without workmanship. The panels are held in position by their own weight.

It allows to create a subsurface or plenum that consists of a free space enabled under the tiles, facilitating the accommodation and distribution of telephony, electricity, water, air conditioning …, being concealed in a aesthetic, functional and practical way, making possible Accessibility in maintenance work.

Being a recordable technical floor, it is easily adaptable to any kind of spaces and constructions, whether interior or exterior. Today its applications are unlimited being a perfectly valid system for any activity.

With the reinforcement that we bring to the back of the ceramic pieces, the system is given a high mechanical resistance against heavy loads and impacts, eliminating the need to use heavy materials such as calcium sulphate, high density agglomerate or solution Of double bonding of ceramic pieces, essential in traditional systems.

In turn, it allows the choice of formats and ceramic finishes beyond 60×60, adapting to the technical and aesthetic needs of each project.


Elevated flooring Regarding the placement in the interiors:

The surface on which the system is to be placed must be stable. Make a stake on the surface according to the format of the chosen ceramic piece. In any case, at most every 75 cm a pedestal must be placed.

Once the laying out, place the two pedestals that go at each end of a longitudinal crossbar to from there to build the entire support system of the ceramic pieces.

Adjust the height of the pedestals according to the particularities of each project.

Place the longitudinal crossbeams first on the pedestals.

These crossbars can be fitted with an inverted “T” PVC band which serves to delimit the exact posterior positioning of the ceramic tiles and in turn mark the correct thickness of the joints between the pieces.

When they are placed as reinforcement of support to the ceramic piece in large formats, would take a band of PVC without the form of “T”.


Regarding the placement in the exteriors:

Distribute the PVC plots correctly, so that at most every 75 cm there is one. In any case, according to the format chosen can be consulted.

Adjust the height of the PVC plots according to the particularities of each case. This allows to overcome unevenness of up to 3% to achieve a smooth and level surface.

In case of works where their characteristics require a minimum height of finished floor, it is possible to obtain dimensions inferior to 3 cm.

Next, place the ceramic piece on top of the plots in rows, so that they fit perfectly.

The free space below can be used for the passage of pipes. A perfect drainage of the paved surface is obtained, being the filtration of the water by the joints between tiles.

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