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The doors are complement elements in construction with very diverse applications, uses and locations, that industrially it is manufactured in diverse materials (wood, aluminum, glass, plastic).

In the architectural space serves to separate rooms facilitating both their isolation and access between them.

It has several types of metal fittings of the hinge type or “bibel”.

We have a wide catalog of doors of natural wood of different woods colors styles textures and designs.

All our doors are made of solid wood of the first quality, oven-dried between 8 to 12% of humidity, it is conditioned to offer the greatest possible stability of the wood, for the manufacture of the same wood have been used in the best qualities discarding All those that present any type of defect.

The solid wood doors we have in our stock are a combination of the most artisan manufacture in carpentry with the most modern production techniques to offer finishes and solutions in line with today’s decorative trends.

All our doors go through exhaustive controls to minimize the movements of the wood through internal expansion joints and their final finish either painted or varnished are made with the pieces separately to avoid the appearance of untreated areas in the Joints.

We have a wide catalog of solid interior and exterior doors with a classic range of natural woods in the case of interior and specific woods or treated for doors subjected to external environments.

Varnished or painted in a wide range of shades and varnishes besides having finished doors in the house.

The entrance door to your home is the access for both you and the thieves, therefore it is an element in which sparing in security can be expensive in the long run.

That is why we install the best armored doors so that no one enters without a key.

The doors that we installed are completely solid with double steel sheet 0,5 mm of thickness each one. With a total door thickness of 4.5 cm.

The interiors of the Frames are lined with anti-lever angles of 3 mm thick, containing integrated 4 hinges and 6 anti-lever mockers.

In the lock lies the key to success for our total security, hence we install the armored doors with the best high security lock on the market, Arcu brand Arcublock model with 9 security points.

The final details of the door are the central knob, the peephole and the interior handle. All hardware and lock are available in gold or matt aluminum color.

The armored door we can choose in multiple woods, the most common are the smooth in oak veneer, beech, cedar, Sapely, etc …, but always keep in mind that we can manufacture it in the wood that you like.

You can also combine the wood of the exterior face of the door with a different one by the interior.

For example Sapely by the outside and oak inside. The possibilities are almost infinite, so we are sure to find the combination, veneer or color you are looking for.

Also, if you prefer, you can visit our exhibition and see what we can do for you. You know that we are at your disposal.



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