Custom pergolas

Mandianes Pavimentos, Parquets y Puertas - Custom Pergolas

Custom pergolas are architectural and structural elements, made up of a corridor flanked by vertical columns (called pillars) that support longitudinal (sleeping) beams.

These join the columns on each side, and other crosses supported on the previous ones (cabios) to an equal or superior height joining both sides and that form an open trellis, where usually climbers are developed.

Types of custom pergolas

The pergola can be detached or attached to a building or other structure in which case the pillars are usually removed and the sleepers on that side are fastened to the existing structure.

The most common use is the protection of zones of passage of a garden area, but they can also be part of a building as protection of pedestrian zones.

Custom Pergolas can link pavilions, can do canopies on the doors of buildings to garden areas such as terraces or pools, and can be completely autonomous structures that provide shade and shelter along a path.

Custom made pergolas are an element that adapts and integrates to any type of environment, from the most rustic to the most minimalist or avant-garde.

They can turn a space, which was not used before, into one full of life to enjoy with their own.

We have a great variety of wooden pergolas, and with many years of experience gained in the creation and installation of pergolas to measure,

We offer a wide range of pergola awnings depending on your needs and lifestyle that you want to project.


Natural or artificialy

The natural artificiality of the pergolas made them one of the favorite elements of the English-style naturalist gardens of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Some of the most beautiful pergolas were made with brick and stone pillars and rigid crossbeams as characteristic elements of the gardens designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll, turning these structures firmly and luxuriously planted into a signature of their designs.

The awnings are designed exclusively with high quality materials and their sun protection system is the best in the market to protect from the sun or excessive unwanted light.

Also, if you prefer, you can visit our exhibition and see what we can do for you. You know that we are at your disposal.

If we have inspired you, do not hesitate to contact us!!

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