Creation and restoration of marquetry

Manufacture or restoration of marquetry

Marquetry is the art or technique of veneering or embedding pieces of wood into a structure forming decorative patterns, designs or photos. The technique can be applied to furniture, flooring, chairs, small objects of hand or even panels.

The parquet flooring is very similar to the marquetry, in fact they are techniques that complement each other very frequently. Being both traditional techniques of wood work, that evolved in France in century XVII, like exponent the decoration of furniture and pavements in the Palace of Versailles.

The process of creation and manufacture of these works through the marquetry is not simple and requires great constancy. From photographs, the artists draw above all the montage in pencil. Once they have drawn the design, they look for the different woods and the materials needed to fill the composition. The next step is to saw the pieces and to introduce them minutely in the creation. Finally, a layer of hot glue covers the final product.

After years of dedication, we design, manufacture, restore any marquetry in any wood, achieving the most demanding works.

If you are looking for excellence, a top quality wood floor, beautiful and well made that fits perfectly to your lifestyle, choose marquetry.

You can freely decide the composition of the wood and the finish.

If you want to create this type of environment in your house or project, it is a sure hit; For demanding and very refined tastes.

The lovers of this type of pavements feel a real fascination for the same ones. They offer us new emotions with much glamor and beauty.

This type of soils are the result of much care, dedication and craftsmanship, whose result is achieved by high level professionals and true craftsmen.

Marble and wood can be combined with great creativity, giving rise to original and innovative designs.

You can play with different shades and colors in the wood or in the marble to provide to your stays a feeling of warmth and luminosity.

The highest quality woods and the most valuable marbles combine to create the perfect harmony between them. Refined pavements that join woods and marbles of different colors.

If you want to inspire or get ideas, as well as know our works and projects made, do not hesitate to consult us! You will see the full range of possibilities and effects!

Also, if you prefer, you can visit our exhibition and see what we can do for you. You know that we are at your disposal.

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